inclassroom is the intelligent and practical solution for distance education in real time via the internet that links users from any geographical area around the world.

Through an exceptionally easy to comprehend and use environment , participants can watch and take part in classes, at their office or the house, without loosing the element of live experience that they enjoy with their instructor and colleagues in the traditional room.

inclassroomwas designed to take into consideration the need of modern organizations that their activities focus on the imperative for fast education delivery and information diffusion, simultaneously, in a large number of different geographic areas.


The core of inclassroom is the virtual learning and meeting platform of Saba Centra.

These platform tools provide the users with the ability, through an interactive environment of virtual order, to participate and collaborate fast and easily from distance without the absence of the experience of human communication.

The platform software is installed fast and easily in all PCs. No technical support required or particular technical knowledge needed.

The directness of communication constitutes to be one of the main technological characteristics of platform Saba Centra. The benefit of virtual communication allows participants to have visual contact with the instructor or even to each other.

Additionally, VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) technology provided by Saba Centra platform, allows participants to have bidirectional communication of sound at all period of education.

Also, participants during virtual meetings can have options as:
  • To present and store educational material
  • To use virtual blackboard and to share applications and internet sites
  • To fill in surveys
  • To participate in workgroups functioning in virtual and distinguish spaces

inclassroom solution provides the most suitable infrastructure for the realization of modern and distance education, developing all necessary characteristics of common learning virtual classrooms.
In general, inclassroom solution provides:
  • simplified organization processes of modern education
  • flexibility of realization of educations the moment is required
  • unhindered operation with low technological infrastructure for users
  • connection and communication of geographically scattered students
  • reduce of educational costs
  • levels of interaction with the educational material
  • usage of content and reporting tools for users
  • record of synchronous lessons for future usage
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