Injobs service

injobs is an e-recruitment service (www.injobs.gr), which aims to facilitate businesses and customers in the job market.

This resourceful service is based on a rich data-base which includes elements as: announcements of offered places of work for employers, advisory services of professional re-establishment, CVs and CV authoring guides, advices of preparation on professional interviews and more.

Technological Features

injobs service offers a wide range of functionalities both on business-to-business and business-to-client level.

injobs offers capabilities that allow businesses and individuals to:
  • Publish classified recruitment announcements for prospective employees on the injobs website as the individuals that visit the site can have direct access on this information. Respectively, candidates can search for announcements based on the name, industry, and their area of interest.
  • Publish CVs on the injobs database where organizations that wish to recruit new hires, have daily access in it.
  • Search and track prospective employees based on their name, residence, skill range etc…
  • Publish and update CVs from prospective employers anytime and anywhere by accessing a secure and practical web environment.
  • Download specialized software for CV management by companies for internal use.
  • Access to injobs database, which include all registered employers name and addresses. Employers have direct access to injobs database as to update their company's profile or vacancies they wish to fill.
  • Ask and receive continuous support and information for filling up CV forms or to seek assistance from another e-recruitment tool.

injobs service enables employers to:
  • Publish classified recruitment announcements with the minimum cost
  • Minimize the ideal candidate selection and recruitment time
  • Obtain tools for better organizing their human resource management department
  • Access injobs consistently updated and secure CV database
injobs enables candidates to:
  • Submit their CVs on Injobs website, which is visited daily by employers, corporations and private held companies
  • Access lists of the most reliable businesses publishing a significant number of job vacancies
  • Learn how to search for those job vacancies most suitable for the them in an effective and efficient way
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