inlearn solutions offers a wide range of learning technologies that help organizations leverage their business by managing effectively and efficiently the training and collaborative activities that take place internally.

All organizational trainings, starting from training strategy implementation all the way to skill, competency and certification management are implemented with state-of-the-art technologies. A wide variety of instructor and manager tools for synchronous, asynchronous and face-to-face training leads to streamline training process and provide management with robust results.

Asynchronous e-learning is about delivering online, self-paced training to employees, customers and/or partners either in business or consumer market. Web-based training content is made available to users through an intuitive web environment, anytime and anywhere, for when the learner wishes to engage with his/ her learning development.

Synchronous e-learning enables organizations to add value to training by introducing new and innovative ways of bringing together people through Inlearn's solution of virtual classroom. With its comprehensive interface, the virtual learning environment allows information and knowledge sharing amongst participants in real-time.

inlearn solutions also provide management tools and best practices, helping businesses to streamline all activities on the delivery of face-to-face seminars. These activities may include train the trainer content, job profile management, learning catalogue management, curricula and certification management as well as resource management like allocation of facilities, rooms, learning equipment and inventories.

Intarget Human Capital Management Solution's flexibility allows customers to synthesize the best possible combination of technologies (inlearn) and services (inservices) by selecting the most appropriate for their human capital management project. What Intarget explicitly seeks, is customers confident and willing to share their strategic vision for human resource development.


inlearn solutions are based on peerless technology, which is scalable, consistent, secure and adaptable. The variety of choices that inlearn solution presents in the area of technological education helps organizations to justify the most suitable solution on their needs.

Technology features of Inlearn solutions include:
  • Saba Inc's Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Suite
  • Collaborative management tools from Saba Inc
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS) from Saba Inc
  • Centra, the Virtual Classroom Platform from Saba Inc
  • Authoring tools like Trivantis' Lectora Professional Publishing Suite
  • Open source Learning Management Systems for online synchronous and asynchronous learning

inlearn solutions will enable intarget HCMS 's customers to:
  • Acquire state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies which will be implemented according to their specific needs and culture
  • Sustain and retain skill and competency management for optimum results in human capital development
  • Accelerate innovation by obtaining the benefits of interoperability and scalability enhancements of Inlearn technologies with existent systems in their organization or their extended value chain
  • Reduce the cost of training
  • Save time and resources
  • Deliver more training without exceeding training life-cycles
  • Acquire collaboration and collaborative management tools
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