inlibrary solution and services suite is a fresh approach by ATC to records information systems, digital asset and knowledge management that allows organisations to accumulate, digitize, administer and manage key knowledge assets of their business across the enterprise. Whatever the scope of the industry that your organisation belongs to, inlibrary will deliver a custom-fit solution that will ensure high Return-On-Investment by lowering the costs of library administration and automate content management whether that is documents, film, videos, images, multimedia files and many more.

We provide commercial - strength digital library solutions that apply to the following fields:
  • educational establishments
  • law firms and government organisations that require textual based information in the field of legislation
  • media and news corporations that develop and deploy multimedia objects as well as news items
  • organisations overlooking large number of projects
At ATC, we believe that an optimal approach to implementing a Digital Library integrates state of the art and widely accepted proprietary and open source technologies to offer a custom, secure and dependable yet flexible solution complemented by high quality customisation, maintenance and support services.


Digital libraries are served by a configurable web-based platform for archives and digital collections. This platform supports a variety of metadata standards, external data sources and repositories, as well as most popular media formats such as Dublin Core metadata standards, W3C and 508 compliant, Extensible and customizable item fields, RSS & Atom syndication, CSV Import, Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), etc. The platform also offers support for multi-lingual cataloguing, as well as translation of the user interface into at least two languages.

Key features include:
  • Physical Library Management
  • On-line (web and mobile) search for availability of physical material of the library and on-line book reservation request form
  • On-line (web and mobile) analytical specialized searches in digitized content
  • On-line (web and mobile) study of digitized content
Furthermore, ATC is among the key contributors in shaping the EU Commission Research and Technology Advance Agenda that focuses on emerging standards and technologies in the field of e-library. Such references are expected to have become commercial practice by 2012 -2013. Key areas of research include:
  • A novel Engine for Cross Discipline digital libraries
  • Advanced Service Search Solutions for Very Large Digital Libraries
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Libraries ATC is co-operating with in shaping new digital libraries technologies

Organisations can benefit from a digital library solution by ATC as follows:
  • Digital library will supplement an organisation or even an educational system by making knowledge available to anyone who can read and has access to. This unique web resource could be made available to everyone around the world and will enhance the learning process.
  • Making this large knowledge repository can revolutionize research, e.g. at all levels of education and give a much-needed boost at minimal cost to educational infrastructure. This impact will be further enhanced given the convenience of online access, and the benefit of full text searching at word and phrase level as well as metadata.
  • Online search is to make locating the relevant information inside of books far more reliable and much easier. An educational perspective is student success in finding exactly what they seek will increase and increased success will enhance student willingness to perform research using this large resource. This digital library would be open all week on a 24x7x365 basis. More than one individual will be able to use the same book at the same time. Thus, popular works will not be checked out and thus unavailable to others.
  • Digitisation services that allow organisations and establishments to succeed in providing access copies for materials that would otherwise fall to degradation from repeated use.
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