inmeeting solution helps businesses and individuals to have constructive and highly productive meetings without traveling all the time or leaving their offices.

inmeeting is a widely flexible collaborative solution that utilizes high technologies and tools in order to connect people with their partners, clients, colleagues around the world with no need to leave their office or private space. With inmeeting, the process of meeting partners, clients and colleagues gets a whole new meaning by becoming an all new exciting experience for professionals in the business market.

The real-time meeting sessions are taking place in a secure and highly interactive virtual environment in which the participants can share views, applications, have open discussions about product and services, or use online meetings as an effective marketing tool whilst obtaining the benefits of informal collaborative distance learning.

inmeeting is easy to use as well as easy to manage. The end-user application is available to all participants by the leader who will be organizing and coordinating the online meeting. Leader creates e-meeting schedules and posts invitations by email to all guest participants or interested parties involved in this virtual discussion.


The technological infrastructure of inmeeting is based on Centra by Saba Inc, strategic partner of ATC and premier human capital management systems provider.

Centra, the virtual classroom and collaboration platform, is enabled by the internet and web technology that allows users through its intuitive interface to use and interact with other participants by making it extremely easy.

Centra also provides a wide range of capabilities before session start, during and after the session has ended.

Professionals using Centra, save time and money through VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) technologies that the platform offers. Alternatively, users can select tele-conferencing options.

During the session participants can:
  • exchange views and ideas in real-time
  • compile agendas for sessions ("just-in-time" content import)
  • keep minutes of the session and mail them to all participants after the session has ended
  • make notes on the application's whiteboard by using markers, text etc…
  • use Centra's application sharing for software and presentation files
  • exchange essential information and important files
  • record session for future recall and for participants failed to attend the meeting

Organizations, whose primary concern is to invest in consistent and constructive co-operation and collaboration across the extended value chain, can benefit themselves with inmeeting solutions.

inmeeting helps organizations and professionals:
  • to reduce costs arising from collaboration activities
  • to reduce the amount of time spent in person -to-person meetings
  • to enhance their decision making by receiving feedback from a diverse and broader audience
inmeeting also helps participants in the meetings:
  • to conduct their online meeting without technical support
  • to invite people as easy as sending an invitation via email
  • to integrate Inmeeting client application with other popular desktop applications like MS Outlook (one-click-meeting facility)
  • to communicate and collaborate with other participants while sharing software applications at ongoing sessions
  • to develop and manage content for on-line meetings
  • to collect session recordings and compile and manage libraries of previously recorded meetings for various tasks such as absentees or future reference.
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