ATC intarget Human Capital Management Solutions offer innovative, scalable and adaptable solutions that help our customers take advantage of their people's knowledge and skills, by turning it into real value.

In order to ensure customers achieve optimal results, intarget HCMS 's provides a combination series of specialized services that add value to the solution of our customer's choice.

inservices include:
  • Technical and economical analysis for assessment, critical evaluation and forecasting of organizational and departmental needs of our customers
  • Interoperability, scalability and integration consulting studies on intarget solutions and existing and/or third party technologies
  • Consulting services for optimum utilization of intarget human capital management solutions
  • Service Level Agreements and Best Practice Guides for all technological infrastructure (systems, applications, hosted clients etc…) via quality call centers
  • Specialized implementation services based on customers' specific needs and their strategic initiatives for enhanced system and business performance.
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and learning/ instructional strategies
  • Instructional design and content development for e-courses based on specific customer needs (tailor-made e-learning content)
  • Off-the-Shelf e-courses developed by specialized e-learning content companies (foreign language, business, soft and IT skills)
  • User training and documentation

Intarget HCMS provide a high level of expertise, offering a variety of skills, effective services and advices, which help businesses to capitalize their investment on people and leverage substantially technology and infrastructure.

inservices can help your organization obtain the benefits of human capital management solutions and facilitate you through the process of using the new technology confidently and effectively in order to support optimal positive impact of systems and business performance.

Regardless the organization's size or the scope of its investment, inservices are designed to optimize human resource development services by lowering administrative and process management costs helping businesses to bring out the best in their people.

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